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What You Should Know About Electronic Waste Disposal in Orange County

Useful Information For the Disposal of E-Waste in the Orange County area

Every county in California has different guidelines. To find out what the guidelines are for electronic waste disposal in Orange County, contact your local county office. The following are a few tips on how to dispose of electronics.

The best way to dispose of any electronic item is to take it to your local recycling center. Be sure the recycling center you choose specializes in disposing of electronic equipment. These types of recycling centers use specialized equipment that can break down electronics into parts that can be recycled. Electronic recycling centers have special filtration systems that clean the air of toxins that are released during disposal of electronics. Electronic waste disposal facilities in Orange County use proper disposal methods for electronics which saves the environment from hazardous chemicals as well as certain parts can be recycled to make new equipment.

Most people that own computers or laptops know that to stay up to date you should invest in a new computer about every 3 years. This is the best way to have all the current hardware and software that is available. If you have large electronic items such as a desktop PC or full size copier, you can contact your local waste management company to arrange a pickup of the item. Some waste management companies charge a fee to haul away electronics so be sure to ask when calling for a pick up.

If you have electronic items and aren’t quite sure if they should be disposed of or recycled, there are are companies that will assess computers and other electronics to determine if they can be refurbished or should be disposed of. If the items are still usable, these companies will buy the items from you. Some of these companies are located in Orange County, such as EZPC Recycle.

There are also a growing number of companies in the Orange County area that have a zero landfill tolerance policy. They specialize in refurbishing various types of electronic items and selling them back to consumers. If there are no reusable parts in an item, they break them down and send them to the landfills.

Electronic items such as cell phones and PDA’s are always recycled to make new cell phones and PDA’s. Companies that recycle these types of electronic gadgets sometimes have buyback programs and give discounts on new cell phones and PDA’s. To find these companies in Orange County just search online.

These are just a few tips on the proper disposal of electronics. Orange County is dedicated to finding alternative eco-friendly ways for electronic disposal. It is every citizen’s responsibility to learn the proper way to dispose of electronic items in a way that protects the environment.

Find an Orange County Electronic Recycling Facility

EZPC Recycle specializes in providing Orange County electronic recycling services to the general public, as well as local businesses.

Many people know about recycling and take part in it at their own homes for glass, plastic, paper, cans and various other materials. But what about recycling electronics such as computers, scanners and printers? If you live in the Orange County area you can find an Orange County electronic recycling company by searching online for a local facility.There are many options available to recycle electronic items. For example, if you have an old computer or laptop that has seen better days, you can contact the manufacturer to see if they have a buyback program. Buyback programs offer cash back on the item or a discount on a newer model. Many manufacturers offer these programs as a way of promoting new models. So if you have an old computer or laptop and want to upgrade to a newer model, you can just go to the manufacturer website to see what options are available.

You can also search online for Orange County electronic recycling in your local area that specializes in recycling certain electronics, and sometimes offers higher payouts for them. On a corporate level many companies are willing to pay many large companies for their old office equipment such as computers, copiers, phones and even give them discounts if they purchase their new office equipment through them. This can save larger companies thousands of dollars when looking to upgrade their office equipment.

California is an environmentally friendly state and many counties make it mandatory to recycle electronics according to state and federal guidelines. This is mostly due to the fact that many electronics have certain components that when disposed of improperly can release hazardous substances into the environment. So before you dispose of any electronic equipment be sure to search online to find out the proper way to recycle the item. You may also want to contact the waste management service in your local area to see what options are available for recycling electronics.

If you have smaller electronics that you want to recycle such as iPods, iPads, etc. again you can contact the manufacturer to see what programs are available such as buyback programs, trade-ins or discounts. Using these programs can save you money on newer versions. If you have other types of electronics you want to recycle all you need to do is search online to find an option that best suits your needs. If you are going to use an Orange County electronic recycling facility, be sure to check out EZPC Recycle’s services.

If you want to find out how to recycle electronics in other counties in California you can either contact your local municipality or waste management company. Many counties have certain times of the year when they collect electronic items for recycling. So, ask your waste management company when they have collection dates, and help protect the environment in an eco-friendly way. When recycling your electronics be sure to ask what other recycling programs are available to recycle other items in your home.