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EZPC Recycle’s Vision:
To lead the electronics recycling marketplace in efficient and safe recycling practices.

Our Mission Statement:
Helping to keep the earth clean is our number one priority. We want to make a significant impact and take part in the proper disposal of e-waste.

Our Quality Policy:
EZPC Recycle is dedicated to implementing the latest and safest recycling practices, in order to ensure public safety and health. We are licensed and certified to handle electronic waste in California, by DTSC and Cal/EPA.

A little more information about EZPC Recycle:
EZPC Recycle was founded in 1999, and has been recycling electronics ever since for the Orange County and Los Angeles areas. Since our initial inception, we have opened up a new facility, and now service businesses and the general public in electronics recycling, product destruction, and data destruction. EZPC Recycle will collect and work with any amount of e-waste, regardless of size or quantity.

One of EZPC Recycle’s goals is to raise awareness about the rapidly growing electronic waste industry. Every month, thousands of pounds of e-waste are being dumped into local landfills, or shipped overseas to third world countries. Electronic waste is one of the fastest growing sources of pollution here in the U.S., and EZPC Recycle is committed to doing our part to help change that. Proper e-waste disposal is, and always will be, our main focus.

Call EZPC Recycle today, and help do your part for the environment by recycling your electronics!